Characters killed off due to behaviour

It’s often quite upsetting when your favourite character gets killed off in a television show. Sometimes it’s because the actor wants to move on to other projects, or because it adds drama to the narrative. It’s even been because the actor died in real life (think J.R from Dallas).

But there are often times that characters die or disappear and the audience is left scratching their heads as to why this has happened. In these instances, it could actually be due to poor behaviour by the actor on set.

That’s right, the writers and directors can let an actor know (in no uncertain terms) that their attitude won’t be tolerated any longer. That’s what happened to these actors below.

1. Charlie Sheen

Known for his drug and alcohol problems, Sheen found himself killed off in dramatic circumstances following issues on the set of Two and a Half Men. After famously tweeting and verbally attacking the show’s creator Chuck Lorre, Sheen was hit by a train and killed at the start of the show’s ninth season.

2. Patrick Dempsey

The love affair between Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy came to an abrupt end during season 11 of the show. Patrick Dempsey, who played the dreamy doctor, was reported to be having an affair with a much younger member of the crew, which was causing issues on set. Despite the show’s creators initially trying to say that his death was for dramatic reasons, it later came out that his affair and attitude led to his demise. By the way, he is now divorced.

3. Nicollette Sheridan

The Desperate Housewives star found her character Edie killed off after six seasons due to bad behaviour on set. She was allegedly at odds with the creator of the program Marc Cherry, and was said to be rude to the crew, notoriously late, and even repeatedly forgot her lines. 

4. John Amos

The Good Times actor found himself written out of the program at the last minute, after it was alleged he had an argument with the show’s producers. Amos was deemed a disruptive element, and his feeling was that the show wasn’t moving in the right direction. The moment where Amos’s on-screen wife Florida reads a letter informing her of his death in a car accident is still one of the most famous scenes in TV history.

Do you think the deaths of these characters added or detracted from the show?