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Warren Cox is happily married to Robyn, his wife of 52 years. They have two daughters and three grandchildren. Warren’s hobbies include fishing (as often as possible), cooking, reading and writing poetry. 

Days when…

There are days when we die a little;

wounded by loss,

or failure,

or fear,

or darks that abide in unguarded places

where whispers unbidden adhere;

where dreams that are dredged

from the deepest of sleep

foreshadowing doubt, undefined,

infiltrate places where sense without reason

and memories unloved are consigned.


There are days when we grow a little;

buoyed by a smile,

or a word,

or a touch,

or the quivering tail of a four footed friend

its story – “I love you so much.”

When the first light of dawn

brings the song of a bird

an anthem to herald the day

when a child’s attempt to walk the first yard

sees his feet get lost on the way.


There are days when we ponder a little

on the journey,

the discharge,

the prize.

On how we accept joy and sorrow,

always knowing they’ll not compromise.

It’s a truth incontestable; final.

There is no escaping the years.

For the journey that’s life will forever

accommodate laughter and tears.

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