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“You are in charge of him”: Easyjet Flight attendant scolds’ family with unruly child and threatens $180 fine

“You are in charge of him”: Easyjet Flight attendant scolds’ family with unruly child and threatens $180 fine

An EasyJet flight attendant has been secretly filmed on a flight scolding the family of a disobedient child.

The footage shows the crew member on the flight ordering a woman to stop their child from standing on the seat.

The clip captures the attendant mid-sentence as she argues with the alleged mother of the toddler.

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Here is the @easyjet jobsworth woman. Such bad form. For the record the seatbelt sign was NOT on, this family were not English & their English was limited. It was totally out of order intimidating behaviour. The little boy was about 2 and standing on the seat facing backwards to see his family in the row behind. He wasn’t crying or making any noise or fuss, poor little mite & poor parents! . . re all the comments about safety - she’s telling the child to stand on the floor in the footwell of the seat but not ON the seat, it’s nothing to do with sitting down or safety! If there was an air pocket or turbulence he would have still been hurt standing in the footwell. This is about throwing her weight around and being bossy! There are ways to speak to paying customers and I’m not sure this is it 🤔🤔😲😲 . . Everyone knows how hard a flight is with a toddler let alone having some idiot harass you. The first thing she said which I sadly didn’t get on camera was “IF YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOUR CHILD AND STOP HIM STANDING ON THE SEAT I WILL FINE YOU £100 FOR CLEANING” the little boy didn’t even have shoes on!! . . . If she said that to me I would have got £100 and stuck it in her big gob. Travelling with children is so stressful, all the bollocks about safety was a load of crap so she could attempt to justify her disgusting power trip. Give someone an orange uniform and BAM 💥 . . . What would you do if faced with this @easyjet woman?!

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"... sit down. He needs to stand on the floor, but not on the seat. If you cannot control your child ..." she begins, before being interrupted by the toddler’s mother.

"You are an adult. You are in charge of him. You need to make sure he is safe. I need to make sure he is safe. You do not stand ... "

The video was filmed and made public by UK entrepreneur and reality TV star Luisa Zissman, who described the incident as “intimidating”.

She spoke about the incident on her Instagram story.

"On my flight home when I came back from France there was a really, really grumpy EasyJet air stewardess who basically had a go at this mum because her two-year-old was standing on the seat," Zissman said.

"And said: who is in control of this child? If you don't get control of this child, I'm going to fine you £100 ($180) for having the seat cleaned.

"It was so intimidating and so horrible. And the mum didn't speak English. I felt really sorry for her, so I started filming the woman, and then got in trouble for filming it."

An EasyJet spokesman talked to 9Honey about the incident.

"It is clear from the video the crew member is concerned for the safety of the child so requested that they either stand on the floor or sit on the seat. We don't charge customers for cleaning.

"We are sorry if the manner in which the crew member explained this caused offence.

"The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority."