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Woman lashes out at bus driver over mask request

Woman lashes out at bus driver over mask request

Footage of a woman berating a Sydney bus driver and punching his screen after being asked to wear a face mask has emerged.

The video, shared to TikTok, shows the furious passenger standing at the front of the bus arguing with the driver after he asked her to comply with the law which requires all passengers to wear a face mask.

Failure to wear a mask on public transport in Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong could result in a $200 on-the-spot fine.

After being asked to put a mask on, the woman pulled out her phone and began to take photos of the bus driver, prompting him to raise his hands up in front of his face.

“I’ll take a photo of you, I’ll take a photo of you. I’ll take you down because you made me miss my appointment!” she rants in the clip.

She then proceeds to punch the bus driver's screen multiple times, yelling "why" causing the perspex to shake.

“That’s enough. Get off,” the driver demands.

After exiting the bus, the woman continues to yell profanities through the closed door, screaming and hitting her hands against the bus.

The bus driver calls to her to “have a nice day”, before pulling away from the kerb.

The clip has gone viral, gaining more than 54,000 views and prompting commenters to condemn the woman’s behaviour.

Speaking to news.com.au, a spokesman for Transport NSW said they have been “made aware of an incident that occurred on a metropolitan bus service involving a female passenger and a driver”.

“The matter is currently being investigated and next steps will be assessed once more detail is available,” he added.

“Transport for NSW expects all customers travelling on our services to respect frontline workers who have continued to do an incredible job maintaining full service levels across public transport throughout the pandemic.”