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Woman halts hundreds of protestors with kung fu moves

Woman halts hundreds of protestors with kung fu moves

A New Zealand woman has taken the internet by storm after her attempts to single-handedly stop a protest against vaccine mandates and lockdowns emerged online.

The introduction of new mandates across the country and the placement of regions into strict lockdowns has prompted thousands of Kiwis to take to the streets in protest.

At a recent rally in Nelson, on New Zealand’s South Island, an unknown woman took a stand against the crowd and attempted to stop them with a kung-fu move.

The footage, posted to social media, shows the woman jumping in front of the protestors as they move down the street.

Someone can be heard saying, “they’re not going to stop, lady”.

Instead of moving out of their way, the woman took a kung-fu pose to halt the protest.

However, the protestors managed to continue past her, lifting their banner that read “freedom for all Kiwis” over her head.

The clip has since gone viral on social media, with many saying it was an “only in New Zealand” moment.

“You have three props and three wingers on that front line. At what point did she believe they were going to stop?” one joked.

“Okay let’s give nana an award for the best reaction to protesting,” another wrote.

“Kung fu grandma love it!” a third said.

This isn’t the first time a New Zealander has dealt with those hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine in their own, unique way.

Another woman was spotted approaching vaccine-hesitant men and encouraging them to get the jab.

Twitter user Te Kuru Dewes (@TeKuruDewes) said that the “Aunty” was “waving cars down” and making them get vaccinated.

“Apparently there’s an Aunty stopping traffic in Mangamuka (Taitokerau), waving down cars and making grown anti-vax-leaning men go and get their jab in the van. Classic,” they tweeted.

“If anything is going to lift Māori vaxx rates it’s going to be Aunties that told you to get vaxxed or else,” one person replied.

“Don’t mess with Aunties… just don’t,” another commented.

The conflict between protestors and pro-vaccine grandmas and aunties comes as 92 percent of Kiwis have received their first COVID-19 jab and 84 percent are fully vaccinated.

Image: Tiktok

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