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Courtney Allan

Why pilots are refusing to fly to this country

Why pilots are refusing to fly to this country

In the wake of the Venezuela civil unrest, American Airlines has decided to stop flights to the country.

This is after safety concerns were voiced by the pilots’ union who told American Airlines that its members refuse to work the flights.

American Airlines were the last major US carrier to fly to the country and flew daily from Miami to Caracas and Maracaibo.

The airline has explained that they have temporarily stopped the flights as they evaluate conditions surrounding the country.

Most of the civil unrest has increased due to opposition to the President, Nicolas Maduro.

Spokesman for American Airlines, Ross Feinstein, said to “American [Airlines] will not operate to countries we don’t consider safe.”

After the union president’s order on Thursday night, American Airlines had no choice but to stop flights to Venezuela.

Daniel Carey of the Allied Pilots Association had noted that the US State Department issued a warning about crime and detention of American citizens in Venezuela.

He closed a memo by saying, “To reiterate: Do not accept any trips to Venezuela.”

The US have pulled its last diplomats out of the country and Australia has added Venezuela to its “do not travel” list.

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