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Warning: Read this before you head on an all-inclusive holiday

Warning: Read this before you head on an all-inclusive holiday

Many people love a holiday. However, relaxing can usually come at a cost. That’s why when people see “all-inclusive” when they’re booking their next trip, they can usually be so excited at snagging a deal that they forget to read the fine print.

An “all-inclusive” holiday can mean that accommodation, flight, transfers and food are taken care of without you having to lift a finger. Whilst this might appear perfect on the outside, there’s a hidden “trap” just waiting to be revealed.

For example, just because everything is covered in the base cost doesn’t mean you should forgo bringing along spending money. CEO David Baddeley from the Scottish Trust Deed spoke to about how to avoid some other traps:

He said: “It is a total myth that if you have booked an all-inclusive holiday then you no longer must worry about spending money once you are there.

“Excursions must be accounted for as well as the prospect of leaving the hotel and not being able to return for lunch, for example.

“Every single year we will have a handful of customers that fall into this trap.

“They tend to forget that food and drink may be a major part of your holiday, but it does not account for the whole of your holiday.”

Baddeley also advised people to set a budget per day.

“Ensure that you set a budget each day, even if you believe that you will not be leaving the hotel on certain days.

“Some can regard the prospect of saving as a little intimidating so before you decide on the amount of spending money you need, look at a typical week on your latest bank statement.

“Calculate food shop, lunches, travel and other regular purchases.

“You will obviously not be making these purchases on holiday so establish that amount as a jumping off point for you holiday savings.”