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URGENT: Don't drink the water in these three suburbs

URGENT: Don't drink the water in these three suburbs

Residents of three storm-hit suburbs in Melbourne have been told not to drink tap water until further notice.

The Department of Health issued the urgent warning on Wednesday morning to people who live, work or are in Kallista, Sherbrooke and The Patch to not drink the water, even if it has been boiled, due to contamination.

“This advice has been issued following an equipment failure at Yarra Valley Water drinking water tank due to recent severe weather,” the warning reads.

“This may result in potentially unsafe water entering the drinking water system and customer taps.”

It is expected the warning will stay in place for at least three days. The water should not be used for preparing drinks or baby formula, washing food or brushing teeth.

Emergency water will be available at the Patch Hall and Kallista Public Hall, although people will need to bring their own bottles or pots to fill up.

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