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"This is so wrong": Scott Morrison blasted over "tone deaf" photo

"This is so wrong": Scott Morrison blasted over "tone deaf" photo

A photo of Scott Morrison posing with employees at a UK pub has sparked intense backlash from frustrated Australians.

The Jamaica Inn in Launceston, England, posted a photo of the smiling PM to Facebook on Monday.

“Pleasure to have the Australian Prime Minister [and] his 20+ personal team for lunch this weekend. You never know what you might find at Jamaica Inn!” it was captioned.

Morrison flew to the UK last week to attend the G7 summit as a guest.

However, Aussies are not impressed by his pit stop at the pub after being told by the government overseas travel won't be possible until 2022.

Hundreds of people took to the Facebook post to vent their frustration, calling the picture "tone deaf".

“I can’t decide if I’m more angry or sad over this post. So many of us would give anything to see our UK families. Where’s the compassion?” one woman commented under the image.

“What a joke. End off. He should have to quarantine when he gets back,” one man said, adding that he and his wife may move back to the UK so they can visit family.

“He is laughing at us. This is above ridiculous. He continues posting photos that go against what he preaches,” another woman said.

“I can’t believe the audacity of this man! Double standards,” a third woman chimed in.

“This is so wrong. He keeps fellow Australians locked in while enjoying lunches overseas at taxpayers' expense,” one man wrote.

Currently, any Australian who is granted an exemption to travel overseas must pay for mandatory hotel quarantine upon their return.

Unlike most people, Morrison will quarantine at The Lodge in Canberra, News.com.au reported.

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