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“Rip off”: Furious tourists charged $133 for 8 soft drinks

“Rip off”: Furious tourists charged $133 for 8 soft drinks

A group of tourists were left agitated after being charged €82 ($AUD133) for seven soft drinks and a milkshake after visiting a restaurant in Rhodes, Greece.

This seems to be a common theme as of late with tourists getting stung with higher-than-expected food bills while travelling on holiday.

Vikki Scott shared her experience at The Gate in Old Rhodes Town on Facebook.

“Went to The Gate restaurant in Old Rhodes Town for a drink,” she wrote on Facebook.

“The bill for eight soft drinks was €82 — €14 ($AUD 23) for a milkshake!

“I confronted him and all he could say was ‘thank you lady’ people like him should not be allowed to rip off tourists,” the post said.

“On our way back he posed for the photo until he realised who I was then he followed me down the street telling me I couldn’t take his photo.

“Please share this especially in Rhodes sites to stop others getting ripped off!”

Some people were quick to comment on the post saying that it was unfair for restaurants to charge that much.

“All I can say is have your wits about you. Many places rip off the tourists,” one commented.

Another agreed saying: “Easy money for them. I would have asked for a proper till receipt. No receipt no pay.”

However, some felt it was up to the patrons to be smart.

“Check the menu prices — otherwise only yourself to blame!” one commented.