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“Racist” Aussie name of town set to change after backlash

“Racist” Aussie name of town set to change after backlash

An area in the NSW Hunter Region will be renamed after it was deemed “racist” and offensive.

Lake Macquarie Council tweeted on Monday after a meeting that a motion had passed to change the names for Coon Island and Coon Island Point.

Coon Island is south of Newcastle.

Liberal councillor Kevin Baker told news.com.au that they intend to change the name.

Cr Baker told the publication earlier this week the name is “very offensive” .

“Herbert Heaney was a white guy who worked in coal mines and would come out with coal dust on his face and got the nickname ‘coon’; it’s just not appropriate in this day and age,” he tweeted.

Indigenous activist Dr Stephen Hagan said on Monday he was “flabbergasted” to learn that the area was named after the word “Coon”.

“It shouldn’t be a debate. It should just be removed,” he insisted while speaking to the ABC.