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Photo snapped just moments before “catastrophe struck”

Photo snapped just moments before “catastrophe struck”

In what can only be described as a “catastrophe”, a truck carrying concrete barriers has been captured driving through a North Queensland intersection – careening around a corner in the Townsville suburb of Garbutt.

Although the incident took place in March 2019, Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads re-posted CCTV footage of the scene on Wednesday and asked people what they think might have happened next...

“Moments after this image was taken, catastrophe struck,” the post read.

A second image shows the truck’s load wasn’t secured properly and depicts a concrete pillar pictured lying on the road.

“You can see just how badly secured this load was,” the department said, before strongly urging people to more carefully secure their vehicle loads.

A $266 fine is handed out to anyone driving with an unsecured load in Queensland.

Companies can face a $400 fine for the same offence