Travel Trouble

Danielle McCarthy

Passenger mocked for “cheap” move on flight

Passenger mocked for “cheap” move on flight

An airline passenger has been accused of being “cheap” after complaining about receiving a cup of ice instead of water from a crew member.

Gene Goh was travelling from Singapore to Japan with budget airline Scoot when he asked for a cup of water while waiting for take off.

“I asked for just a cup of plain water but was told by your airline staff that only bottled water is available for purchase,” he wrote on the airline’s Facebook page.

Gene said he was given a cup of ice and told to wait for it to melt so he could drink it.

“All I am asking is just a cup of water, I wouldn’t care if it was from the tap,” he said.

“I hope that there could be some sort of care for passengers, not being unreasonable over here.”

However, Gene received little sympathy from other social media users, with many saying he was lucky to even receive the ice.

“Dude, budget airline. Got money to go to Osaka, no money to buy water huh? If you want free things don’t travel. Entitled youth,” one person said.

“Just few dollars for a mineral water. Don’t tell me you couldn’t afford it. Stop making yourself cheap … Well done cabin crew! You did the right thing,” another said.

Some believe that Gene should’ve been charged for the plastic cup.

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