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Wed, 19 Dec, 2018Basmah Qazi

“I’ve never been more angry or shaken”: Waleed Aly reveals horrific experience

“I’ve never been more angry or shaken”: Waleed Aly reveals horrific experience

Waleed Aly has shared details about his “horrific experience” after he was searched and detained while leaving an airport in Israel.

Aly, who prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye, gave a rare admission on The Project after a segment on strip-searches being performed by NSW police went to air.

The number of strip-searches in NSW have more than doubled from 2016-2017, with 11-year-old children also being forced to take part in the intrusive activity.

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission has launched an inquiry into the matter.

Panellist’s on the show interviewed Rachel Evans, an activist who spoke about her feelings of violation when she was strip-searched, to which Aly revealed his own experience.

“I’ve only experienced it once, and it wasn’t here it was overseas,” he said. “I was trying to leave Israel and as I was leaving, they just picked me out and just took me aside and it just went for hours basically.”

And despite Aly stating that his experience was not as extreme as what Ms Evans was forced to face, he still had to “undo my jeans and all sorts of stuff".

“The thing about it is you don’t know where it’s going to end, and they explain nothing … you’re just in this situation, you don’t know why, the power imbalance is horrific, and you have no idea where it is going,” he said.

“I’ve never left a situation more shaken or angry than that particular thing. We don’t need more of that.”

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