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Grant Denyer reveals terrifying plane incident: “All the power went out”

Grant Denyer reveals terrifying plane incident: “All the power went out”

Grant Denyer has opened up on 2DayFM Breakfast to his co-hosts Ed Kavalee and Ash London, as well as his legion of listeners, as he described a terrifying experience where a small plane he was travelling in was struck by lightning and had to make an emergency landing through fog.

"I got hit by lightning once in a small plane, and all the power went out in the plane," Denyer recounted. "So, we lost all our instruments and had to fly by sight. We had to go down and fly over a road."

Flying by sight turned out to be risky as the plane had no clear vision of other aircraft and made a rocky emergency landing.

"The problem is in Perth airport, you can't see all other planes on the radar so there's other massive 747s and 737s flying around and we're going through clouds not knowing if we'd hit one of them," Denyer recalled.

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"Then we had to do a fly by because we had no power, we didn't know if the wheels were down. We didn't know if we were going to do a belly landing — so we buzzed the tower,” he told his listeners.

“So, the guys in the tower could say, 'Yes, the wheels are down, you're good,' and all the fire trucks were there when we landed."

Luckily, Denyer landed safely enough to tell the story on air and be reunited with his precious family – wife Chezzi, and daughters Sailor and Scout.

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