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Grandmother's shocking illness after AstraZeneca vaccine

Grandmother's shocking illness after AstraZeneca vaccine

A West Australian grandmother has been hospitalised with a number of health issues after receiving her first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

While doctors are trying to find out what caused Maureen DeBoick's herlth issues, her family fear is could be a reaction to the jab.

Her second dose has been put on hold until the cause is found.

Mrs DeBoick was airlifted to Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth two weeks ago after noticing a spot on her tongue.

Shortly after, her gums started to bleed and her body began to break out in large bruises upon contact.

Photos show dark bruising over Mrs DeBoick's swollen hands and forearms.

Taking to Facebook to provide further details, Mrs DeBoick's daughter said the photos were taken within the first two days and the bruising "progressively got worse all over her body".

After spending two weeks in hospital, the 80-year-old is now facing the prospect of having her spleen removed.

The Department of Health is investigating Mrs DeBoick’s case.

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