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Wed, 10 Oct, 2018Basmah Qazi

Family forget 5-year-old daughter at airport

Family forget 5-year-old daughter at airport

Reminiscent of the famous film Home Alone, a 5-year-old child was left stranded at an airport after her parents forgot to take her with them.

The child was abandoned at Stuttgart Airport, which is claimed to be one of Germany’s busiest locations, on Monday.

Police say that travellers noticed the young girl wandering around with no accompanying adult as she looked confused and lost.

While countless announcements were made through the airport's intercom system, her parents failed to show up to retrieve their daughter.

Authorities had no other choice but to take the child to the police station where they received a phone call from her concerned mother.

When asked how the situation managed to happen, she explained that after coming home from a family holiday, the couple headed home in two separate cars.

According to police, both parents were under the assumption that the other had their daughter.

“The five-year-old was eventually safely picked up by her father,” said a police spokesperson.

The sequence of events reminded those online of the film Home Alone, where a child by the name of Kevin McCallister is left alone in New York after his parents forget to take him to Paris with them.

“Honey, are the children with you? A simple and self-explanatory sentence!” said one social media user.

“This can happen to any mother who knows how lively children can be. People who have no children should not have a say here. No mother does this deliberately,” said another.

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