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Car park war: Two mums fight over parking space with scathing notes

Car park war: Two mums fight over parking space with scathing notes

A Brisbane mum was “caught in the crossfires” over a bitter battle between two strangers over a parking spot.

But instead of using their hands and fists, their weapon of choice was simple: A ballpoint pen and a scrap piece of paper.

The woman took to Facebook earlier this month to recount the strange moment that occurred during her visit to a local shopping centre in Chermside.

“My daughter and I got caught in the crossfire of the mummy wars today,” explained the woman.

“We were at Chermside and I parked in one of two ‘Parents with Prams” car parks.”

Upon returning to their car at the end of their trip, the mother-daughter duo found a double-sided note attached to their windscreen.

“I didn’t write, nor was I the target, of the original note,” she said.

However, the person behind the scathing letter was convinced that she had written to them, so this woman was now involved in a war she knew nothing about.

But if you think that was the end of it, then think again. Earlier in the day a livid mother decided to write a rage-filled note to a stranger who parked in a “pram park”, where she scolded them for being “inconsiderate”.

“I thought I would right (sic) you a little note so maybe next time you park in a ‘pram park’ you may think twice,” said the note.

The author pointed fingers at the recipient saying she had pulled into the designated spot before she could grab it.

“… and then proceeded to get out, WITHOUT CHILDREN, and you have NO CHILD SEATS,” she wrote.

“I am a mother of 2 whom rely’s (sic) on those parks as I have a double pram and a child with special needs,” she scribbled.

“You(r) inconsideration was appalling to other mothers and basic human decency.”

She ended the letter by asking the woman to “please think before you take another one” of the pram parking spaces.

Of course, the feud didn’t end there, with the recipient responding with a note of her own.

“If you wrote this note, you should know I DO have a car seat and I was picking up my grandchild, you self-righteous TW*T,” they said.

The first mum who was caught up in this mess then wrote on Facebook that one should never make assumptions about others.

“Whether they’re entitled to a car space or not, or weather (sic) they have left you a passive aggressive note,” she said.

“Otherwise you all end up looking like tw*ts. Especially when it gets posted by some tw*t to Facebook!”