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Can you spot the mistake in this Aussie bus sign?

Can you spot the mistake in this Aussie bus sign?

Brisbane commuters have drawn attention to a typo in the city’s buses.

About 100 buses operating in the Brisbane City Council have carried an information sticker advising passengers that smoking and consumption of food and drink are prohibited on the bus.

However, passengers have identified an oversight on the sticker.

The word “consumption” was misspelled as “comsumption”, leading many to question if the signs had been proofread before they were distributed to the vehicles.

Every. Single. Brisbane. Bus. How have I not noticed this? from r/brisbane
“Someone had one job...” one wrote on Reddit.

“What an embarrassment,” another commented.

One added, “I hate that you showed me this. Now I'm going to be irritated! You could have left me in my blissful ignorance.”

Others pointed out that not all buses in the council were affected. “I'm on a bus right now and checked for this sign immediately. There's no typo and I'm actually disappointed,” one responded.

A council spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that it was aware of the misprint on the sticker, which was displayed in fewer than 100 of the city’s fleet of 1,200 buses.

“An audit is underway and Council will ensure all stickers identified with a misspelled word are replaced by the end of the week,” said the spokesperson.