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Brisbane cafe's cruel response to local mum's Facebook review

Brisbane cafe's cruel response to local mum's Facebook review

A war of words has erupted between a local Brisbane cafe and a mum after the mother posted an unfavourable review of the café online.

Kylie Lindsay left a one-star Google review about Windsor’s Low Road Cafe two days ago after she went there for breakfast with her partner and her 15-month-old son. However, the family were told that the venue did not offer high chairs.

Lindsay stated this in her review.

“That is okay — we left and went elsewhere and that is their business prerogative,” Ms Lindsay wrote in the review.

“However, when I politely commented on their business page that I was disappointed we weren’t able to dine there and support a local business, I was subjected to name calling and told it was my loss.”

Lindsay stated that she received a “quirky but OK” response from the café before being “attacked unmercifully” after she sent another response.

“You are an a******e, and when questioned you deleted all of your comments,” the cafe hit back in response to Ms Lindsay’s second response on Facebook.

“Your profile tells us you’re a racist too. Keep your one star review. We do not need you.”

Lindsay spoke to The Courier-Mail about the incident, saying:

“They went to town on me and even complete strangers who dared to stick up for me.”

The café owners explained to Lindsay in their original response that they didn’t have high chairs due to the hazard they posed in their small café.

“We’ve had accidents where people trip over them. Also people leave them covered in crap and it hurts our feelings,” they wrote on Facebook.

“As I pointed out to you this morning, you are more than welcome to bring your pram in.”

The Low Road Windsor Cafe are known for being “quirky”, which can be seen on their Instagram page.

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They replied to Lindsay’s Google review of their establishment two days ago, saying “thanks for your 4,900,000th opinion on the matter”.

“You’ve been kicking off on all sorts of social media trying to discredit us because you didn’t get your way, and now you’re here,” the cafe wrote.

“We don’t have highchairs. We explained why. We are parents ourselves. Please, for the love of God, have a glass of wine and pop some kind of nurturing essential oil in your diffuser and leave us alone.” reached out to the café owners, but a staff member explained that the couple have taken time off. However, a post was made this morning on their Facebook page thanking their customer base for support.

“We won’t be talking to any more media about it as we’d be more than happy to move on with our lives and get back to doing what we do best (as soon as we figure out what that is),” they wrote.

“We love you all, we love our dumb little cafe and the community you’ve helped us build around it.”