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Aussie woman opens up about cruise ship horror: “My partner tried to push me overboard”

Aussie woman opens up about cruise ship horror: “My partner tried to push me overboard”

A woman, who was lucky to survive a five-day cruise, has bravely discussed the terrifying moment her partner attempted to throw her off their balcony.

Kim and her partner David James Fysh, 46, saved up to cruise from Sydney to Tasmania on Radiance of the Seas for almost a year before they embarked on their holiday.

However, less than 48 hours after departing on October 16, their getaway quickly turned into a nightmare, reported A Current Affair.

Kim claimed David was uninterested in the cruise they had worked so hard to experience, focusing his time on drinking and sleeping instead.

She also alleged that her fiancé packed Valium for the cruise.

After growing frustrated by his disinterest, Kim confronted him before the pair got into an argument about him wasting the holiday.

Kim then said the argument took a violent turn.

“He locked me outside on the balcony and pulled the room out looking for them (Valium) and then when he couldn't find them, he came outside on to the balcony,” she said.

“Had me by the back of my arms and was trying to push me overboard and I was just screaming.”

When asked if she thought she was going to die during the ACA interview, Kim replied with an emotional: “Yep.”

“I was screaming, 'Please don't kill me, please don't kill me, please don't throw me overboard.’”

Remembering the terrifying ideal, Kim said her partner didn’t say much as he allegedly held her over the balcony.

She explained that she managed to free herself because she was wearing a silky robe and “slipped out of his grip like a ninja”.

After escaping from her attacker, she locked him on the balcony and called cruise staff immediately.

David was arrested and charged with attempted murder after the cruise docked in Hobart.

Police allege that David tried to throw Kim from the cruise balcony by grabbing her under the arms at 3:30am.

Kim claimed that passengers in nearby rooms heard her piercing screams.

In the emotional interview, Kim said her relationship with David had been volatile and she felt guilty she let the abuse get as far as it did.

David pleaded not guilty at Hobart Magistrates Court on October 19 and bail was not granted.

In February, the case will appear before the Supreme Court.