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Are stand-up airplane seats the way of the future?

Are stand-up airplane seats the way of the future?

Italian seat manufacturer Aviointeriors’ have ruffled a few feathers with their new idea of standing seats on airplanes.

The seats can be seen in the tweet below.

Many were quick to point out safety concerns with the seats, asking about what would be available for elderly, the disabled and for children.

Another person inquired about what would happen to them, as they are 2 metres tall in height.

“In shoes, I’m 6’6” (2m) and coach crushes my knees. Will my neck be above the so-called back rest? Will my head hit the ceiling?”

However, the designers were quick to point out their intentions with the seats.

"The message is, we do not want to put thousands of people in the cabin, we want to offer a multi-class configuration, which is nowadays impossible if you want to reach the maximum load of passengers," engineering advisor at Aviointeriors Gaetano Perugini explained to CNN Travel.

"So that means that in the same cabin, you will have standard economy, premium economy or business class and ultra-basic economy -- which is an innovation for the airline and the passenger," Perugini continued. "This is the true reason for the Skyrider."

Perugini also admitted that the experience could be uncomfortable for some passengers.

"I will be honest, I don't think that somebody is happy to stay eight or ten hours in this configuration," he said.

"In the short haul, if you want to save money [...] you can hold this -- not fully comfortable position -- for a couple of hours. I think the majority of the people will accept this on a couple of hours flight, a three-hour flight."

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