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Airline “prohibits” passengers from taking photos onboard flight

Airline “prohibits” passengers from taking photos onboard flight

Garuda Airlines has found itself in some hot water recently after an internal memo circulated saying that passengers were “prohibited” from taking photos or videos whilst being on board their flight.

The memo circulated around July 14, saying that, “It is not permissible to document activities on the plane, either in the form of photos or videos, by the cabin crew or passengers.”

The letter was quickly shared online and went viral according to Indonesian news site Kumparan.

The tone of the memo has since been softened, with another internal memo going around on July 16 saying that travellers are being “urged” instead of “prohibited”.

The initial notice also said that passengers could be “sanctioned” by the airline for breaking the rules, but it is currently unclear as to whether this is still the case.

The amended statement was signed by operational director of Garuda Indonesia, Captain Bambang Adisurya Angkasa, who said that the measures are being introduced as a part of the airline’s commitment to protecting the privacy of all passengers and crew.

“This appeal is based on reports, suggestions and input from passengers who feel uncomfortable and disturbed by shooting and documentation activities without prior permission from the concerned person,” said Angkasa, according to CNBC Indonesia

He added that passengers are still able to take photos for personal use, such as selfies, as long as they’re not disturbing other travellers.

"This appeal is intended so that all Garuda Indonesia flight operations comply with applicable rules and regulations including the aviation law, ITE Law, and other related laws."