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Fri, 26 Oct, 2018Jim Mitchell

This airline has just ditched the worst seat on the plane

This airline has just ditched the worst seat on the plane

Have you ever rued the thought of sitting in the middle seat on a flight? The feeling of being wedged in between two fellow travellers, the etiquette and time of when you take your toilet breaks to be considered, and peering over the person who has the prime window seat to catch a glimpse of the city you may be flying into or out of.

Well, one Brazilian airline has decided to remove the middle seat from its planes altogether, reports From next month, Gol, Brazil’s largest carrier, will introduce tables in place of middle seats in premium economy on its non-stop flights from Brazil to the US. 

Although customers will have to share the middle table with another passenger, they’ll also have the luxury of distance between them. And passengers will also have considerably more leg room if they book a seat in premium economy – 86.4cm compared to 78.7cm in standard economy.

Gol – whose new Boeing 737 Max 8 jets fly out of Fortaleza in northeast Brazil and from the country’s capital Brasilia to Orlando, Florida, in the US – is banking on the changes to encourage people to upgrade to premium economy to help offset jet fuel costs.

The carrier is following suit in making modifications in attempt to make customers more comfortable. 

On its new premium economy seats on its Dreamliner planes, Qantas made the middle seats wider by 7.6cm. Meanwhile, some airlines like British Airways have opted to ditch traditional reclining seats altogether, with the carrier introducing preset seats at an angle on short-haul flights so as not to encroach on feet space for passengers.

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