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The best way to check if your hotel room is clean

The best way to check if your hotel room is clean

There are plenty of obvious red flags when trying to decipher whether your hotel room is truly clean, but setting aside bed linen stains and dirty bathrooms, maybe it’s time you looked at the more subtle signs.

According to frequent traveller and Business Insider correspondent Harrison Jacobs, the best way to check the hygiene levels of your hotel room is to check the kettle or coffee maker.

Jacobs, who is a hotel regular believes this is the easiest way to test out if your hotel room is as squeaky clean as they say it is.

His theory states that cleaners tend to overlook kettles and coffee makers as they’re harder to clean.

Which means, if the appliances in your room aren’t as clean as you would like, it’s a good idea to shorten your stay or sort out accommodation elsewhere.

Next time you decide to stay overnight at a hotel room, be sure to check the most unexpected of places – it could save you from a host of bacteria.