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6 caravan park etiquette rules to follow

6 caravan park etiquette rules to follow

Sleeping in a caravan is no excuse for bad manners.

1. Keep the noise down

When there’s just a thin metal wall separating you from the outside walls, silence becomes all the more valuable. Be aware that you are living in close quarters and be as quiet as you can – this applies to generators, music, TVs or even loud talking. This rule is especially important after hours (around 10pm-8am), so try to be considerate.

2. And the lights

As above – there’s nothing like the blinding glare of a car’s headlights coming in through your window at 3am to ruin your holiday. If you’re arriving late, try to turn off (or turn down) your lights as quickly as you can. And if you want to stay up late chatting outside, make sure that your lights aren’t pointing directly at any other sites.

3. Meet the neighbours

One of the best things about caravanning is all the great people you will meet. So say hello! You’ll find many people will be keen to have a chat or share a beer. Most sites will also have a happy hour at the main camp kitchen, barbecues or fire pit. Grab some drinks and head up to mingle with everyone else spending the night. Who knows, you could make some lifelong friends.

4. Watch where you walk

Each person’s caravan site should be considered as their own private property, even though there are no fences. If you’re walking through the caravan park, stick to paths and don't walk through the middle of someone else’s site – even if it is the shortest route. You wouldn’t walk through someone’s back yard to save a few minutes.

5. Control your furry friends

Caravan parks are a great option for those travelling with pets, but even they have to mind their manners. Caravanning forums are full of people complaining about inconsiderate travellers who tie a dog up outside and leave it to bark for hours at a time. Keep Rover with you or put him inside so he won’t bother the rest of the guests.

6. Don’t make a mess

We shouldn’t even have to say this one, but here it is – don’t leave any sort of rubbish or waste lying around your site. This goes for while you are there and especially after you leave. Throw all your rubbish in the bin, empty your toilet waste properly and don’t spray grey water all over the site.

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