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5 reasons to love Sri Lanka

 5 reasons to love Sri Lanka

Lately, everyone is talking about Sri Lanka – and rightly so. The island paradise is chockfull of amazing sights and experiences, all crammed into a space smaller than Tasmania. This means less time spent getting from sight to sight and more time enjoying everything the country has to offer. Plus, Sri Lanka is not swarming with tourists… yet.

Here’s why you should visit now.

1. History

Sri Lanka has eight UNESCO marvels. One of the best is the grandiose rock fortress of Sigiriya, with its exquisite frescos.

The sacred ancient city of Kandy is home to a Buddhist temple that claims to house one of Buddha’s teeth. Sri Lanks has hundreds of other historical and cultural sights for the curious traveller, including majestic fortresses dating back to the colonial era, ancient temples and Buddhist ruins.

2. Wildlife

Sri Lanka is one of the best wildlife-watching countries in South Asia. You can spot leopards, elephants, and hundreds of different types of birds. If you are lucky you can spot a Sri Lankan Sloth Bear.

Sri Lanka has more than 20 national parks.  For the best chance of spotting wildlife, head to Yala National Park. Yala is home to 44 mammal species. The elephant herd at Yala contains 300–350 individuals. Some experts claim this park has the highest leopard densities in the world. But Indian experts may disagree.

3. Nature

Sri Lanka is home to many diverse and spectacular landscapes: secluded powdery-sand beaches, tropical rainforests, grass-carpeted plains and soaring mountains that pierce the clouds. No matter what your holiday preference, you will find it here. If you like mountains, and your partner likes beaches – you can tick off both in Sri Lanka quite easily.

4. People

The locals in Sri Lanka love to welcome visitors with their wide smiles and hospitable nature. They are relaxed and laidback and genuinely happy to share their world with those who are interested in learning about it.

5. Tea

If you’re a tea connoisseur, Sri Lankan is the place to go. The British introduced tea to the island (known as Ceylon at the time) in 1824. Since then the tea-growing (and drinking) scene has burgeoned.

Enjoy a cuppa while relaxing in a street-side cafe, join a tea-tasting appreciation class, visit a historical tea estate, learn about the history of Ceylon tea at the Ceylon Tea Museum… there are a plethora of tea experiences in Sri Lanka.

Written by Alison Godfrey. Republished with permission of MyDiscoveries.