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3 things you didn’t know travel insurance covered

3 things you didn’t know travel insurance covered

If you’ve ever been stuck in a sticky situation a million kilometres away from home, then you would understand the importance of travel insurance.

It’s something that avid globetrotters recommend, and believe it or not, there are many things you can claim on insurance.

Some situations are so bizarre that many people don’t even bother lodging a claim as they assume they won’t be covered, said InsureandGo spokesman Jonathan Etkind.

“Most Aussies are not clear on all the expenses they can claim through their travel insurance in the case of an unexpected incident,” he told Escape.

“We believe that some travellers may not be aware of certain benefits provided by their travel insurer, which may lead to customers presuming they are not covered for certain events and therefore not contacting their insurer or making a claim.”

Here are just some of the things you didn’t know you could claim on with your travel insurance.

1. Insane sports that you’ve never heard of

Whether you choose to take part in zorbing, husky sledding or ostrich riding, no sport is too bizarre when it comes to claiming on injuries.

InsureandGo revealed that a woman had recently made a claim after she had damaged her phone in Sri Lanka while riding an elephant.

“We understand that every traveller has a unique set of hobbies and interests, so we aim to make our policies reflect this by covering a diverse range of holiday activities, including some unusual ones like husky sledding and mud buddying,” Mr Etkind said.

“Having said this, we stress the importance of travellers reading the PDS (product disclosure statement) to ensure their policy covers the specific activities they want to take part in.”

2. When a cruise ship misses its port

If your cruise itinerary fails to go according to plan, then you get compensation.

Some insurance companies will pay up to $1000 in total, which means you’ll be receiving $50 to $100 per port missed.

If you’ve missed the cruise due to an accident, then some insurers will cover pre-booked expenses, such as land tours you won’t be able to experience.

3. Jury duty, home invasion or getting fired from work

This is why it’s a good idea to take out insurance just as you book your tickets. Having your home being broken into, being made redundant at work and being called into jury duty are all considered reasonable grounds to postpone travel plans.

Meaning the earlier you decide on insurance, the more you’ll be covered.