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3 reasons why taking a holiday is good for your health

3 reasons why taking a holiday is good for your health

Travelling can sometimes seem like an unattainable indulgence only reserved for the wealthy or those who have copious amounts of time.

But the truth is, with careful planning and consideration, you also can head off on your dream getaway – and it comes with a number of health benefits.

1. Letting go of internal stress

Life’s daily routine can cause a toll on our mental health and taking some time off can allow us to gain a bit of perspective on where we want to be heading and what we hope to do.

According to positive psychology expert Professor Lea Waters, our brains function in two modes, either in “task mode” or “default network mode.”

When we’re not focusing on important tasks, we enter default network mode. “Areas of the brain that are responsible for creativity and solidifying memory are activated,” she told Nine Honey Travel.

Which is why, when we’re taking a break, we often find ourselves coming up with creative ideas and solutions.

2. The perfect way to unwind

Leading a hectic lifestyle can sometimes put yourself on the backbench. It’s important to prioritise time for yourself and getting a good night’s sleep and lazing around is actually good for you.

“When we get time to slow down, appreciate the simple things in life, we give our brain a chance to use serotonin for positive mood and oxytocin, the bonding chemical,” says Waters.

Which means when you have a clear head, the result is a positive mood.

3. Physical benefits

Travelling is a great form of exercise, and the best part? You usually don’t even know you’re working out. Whether you choose to walk along the sea shore, or take a dip in the ocean, being in the fresh air and sunshine is a good way to boost your nervous system.

“On holidays, you do more walking, you’re moving around, you’re getting vitamin D,” explains Waters.

So what are you waiting for? Book that trip and get on a plane right now!