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20 things you should never travel without

20 things you should never travel without

Travelling is one of life’s greatest joys, but packing? Well, packing can be a downright pain in the neck. We all worry we’re packing too much or too little, or if we’re packing the right things at all. To help, we’ve put together this list of travel essentials to ensure your next trip is a safe and memorable one. With help from you, the Over60 community, we’ve put together your definitive packing list to help you stay comfortable while on holiday and give you peace of mind in case of an emergency.

1. “The most important and valuable things to take on any journey are a good attitude and a sense of humour. Without these you will not enjoy yourself, so what is the point of even going?” – Sue Saunders

2. “Undies, always make sure I’ve got clean spares.” – Bobby Falwasser

3. “Comfortable shoes are a must because you will be doing a fair bit of walking. I am travelling across America by train with my son, I am 75 and enjoying every moment, although I must say I do get pretty tired but after a good night’s sleep I am raring to go again.” – Gloria Zvillis

4. “A list of medical conditions, medication and dosage, past major operations allergies and so on. I even add doctors’ names and phone numbers. It can save a life in an emergency.” – Barbara Vines

5. “My anti-theft shoulder bag, which comes with toughened slash guards, to prevent thieves cutting the bag open and accessing valuables. But then it goes everywhere when I'm not travelling.” – Bruce Mahony

6. “My wife, or I would get lost.” – Tim Mansfield

7. “Take a multi-USB charger so you can charge iPod, iPad, mobile, etc. all at once. Remember all your charging leads, a diary of some sort (paper preferably) to remember those interesting things, addresses of friends you make, places you've been to plus some rechargeable batteries if you use AA or AAA batteries in devices.” – Doug Mullett

8. “A tip for anyone who has bladder problems, as sometimes we do have embarrassing moments when travelling if not prepared. I bring enough pads with me for the entire trip just in case I can’t find any (or any ones that I like) at my destination. Also when on the plane I always bring a plastic bag, extra pads and clean knickers in my handbag just in case.” – Joyce Maloney

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9. “My e-reader with enough books loaded on to it to last the holiday.” – Margaret Munro

10. “A connector that allows me to download photos from my camera to iPad.” – Vicky Smith

11. “[On a cruise] take sunscreen, something to apply if you get sunburnt, moisturiser, tissues, a waterproof bag for wet stuff like towels, swimmers and sandals. I always take spare bags to put shoes into, a sun hat, a thin fold-up waterproof jacket, and a small hold-all to keep by your chair while you're relaxing on deck sipping those cocktails!” – Marice King

12. “It all depends on where I'm going and if the airline charges for checked bags. If I'm off to Aruba, I do pack my own snorkel gear because I know whose mouth it's been in. I only bring my tablet so I can get online, check email and Facebook, and read all on one device. I leave my phone at home. Don't bother with a passport case because too many officials make you remove it anyway. And, although my sister vehemently disagrees, I do bring my medications in their original bottles.” – Marilyn Coté Miller

13. “If travelling with a companion, put half of your clothes in their bag and vice versa. That way, if one bag gets lost you will still have some clothes until you can buy more.” – Judy Ward

14. “I pack using net bags to separate items of clothing – e.g. underwear, T-shirts, posh clothes. Great when living out of a suitcase.” – Rina Bonner

15. “A toilet finder app for the mobile is helpful as you are always on the lookout for the next loo. I take an emergency bag that goes with me everywhere, containing a change of clothes and several spare knickers, spare Depend or Poise pads or panties for accidents and plastic bags for soiled clothes. I also take flushable toilet wipes and anti-bacterial wipes to clean up any mess and wipe my hands. A small bottle of air freshener also helps save from embarrassment!” – Valerie Carey

16. “A small medical kit, noise cancelling headphones and plenty to read.” – Trish Mitchell

17. “Powerboard, adaptor, phone with all essential contact numbers, copies of bookings and passports – two of each, one in my hubby's case and another in mine.” – Pamela Crowe

18. “My tiny travel kettle and teabags for overseas, mix and match clothes for layering and a simple first aid kit – antiseptic ointment, bandages etc.” – Patricia Bavister

19.  “A spare multi-basin plug and a small bottle of oil or WD40 for squeaky bathroom doors.” – Ian James Cook

20.  “Lip balm, scotch tape and a nail file.” – Mavis Urwin