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Stranger buys stranded traveller a flight to see her dying mother

Stranger buys stranded traveller a flight to see her dying mother

An American woman has told of the amazing act of kindness that allowed her to reach the side of her dying mother.

Laura Genovich and her three month-old baby had just boarded a flight bound for Florida to be at the side of her mother, who was in a critical condition after suffering a stroke.

Moments after boarding the aircraft, Genovich received the devastating news that the flight was cancelled due to a maintenance issue.

Writing about the ordeal on her Scary Mommy blog, Genovich said she immediately called her family in a panic, fearing she would not make it to her mother in time.

But it seems there was an angel called "Mary" waiting in the wings only too willing to help Genovich reach her destination.

"My name is Mary." Genovich wrote of the interaction on her blog.

"I've been listening to you for the last hour, and I've been praying for you and your family. I am not leaving your side until you are on a plane to Orlando."

Genovich was the last person to leave the aircraft and as she made her way to the desk to arrange another flight, so noticed Mary was waiting for her, even helping her carry her bags.

Genovich managed to make the next flight with minutes to spare thanks, to the kindness of a ticket agent named Gayle, and as she went to pay for the new plane ticket, Mary refused to let her pay.

"Gayle told me that the ticket was $400 (AU$590) Mary then stepped up to the counter and said, "I will pay for her ticket."

I told her that she did not have to do that, that I could pay it, but she insisted, telling me that it was a Thanksgiving and Christmas gift to me. I cried harder, telling her I would pay it forward. She told me to go take care of my dad and my baby, and that would be paying it forward."

Genovich made it to her mother's bedside, and was able to spent time with her before she sadly passed away three days later.

Singing off from her blog post, Genovich said.

"I want to publicly express my gratitude for these random acts of kindness.

"I want to thank Mary for her selflessness and generosity and Southwest Airlines for their unparalleled customer service. 

"This was more than customer service - this was customer care - and it is truly worth more to me than I can express."

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