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Mon, 30 Mar, 2015Joel Callen

7 astounding things you won’t believe are covered by travel insurance

7 astounding things you won’t believe are covered by travel insurance

Want to do something crazy on your next holiday? Make sure you’re covered. Under Over60 Travel Insurance, the following activities are covered, subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Aqua zorbing

The Kiwis invented this pastime, which involves rolling down a grassy slope inside a giant rubber orb with water inside to soften the ride – similar to a hamster ball or being in a washing machine. Zorbs have reached speeds upwards of 50 kilometres an hour and there have been a few recorded fatalities, so check the safety procedures carefully.

Skateboarding (not vertical skating)

If you like a bit of skate action, you will be pleased to know that going for a ride on your board is a covered activity.

Shark cage diving (subject to restrictions)

Jump in the water with deadly great whites off the coast of South Africa or South Australia. You’ll be behind metal bars, but the sharks still come extremely close. We’re not sure what type of injuries you might sustain here, but we recommend keeping your hands inside the cage at all times…

Dance (including interpretive dance)

Thank goodness. Because what’s a holiday without a little interpretive dance?

Racing on foot

Fancy a marathon while you’re travelling? We thought you might. Well racing on foot for distances up to 42.2 kilometers is another covered activity.


If you want to feel a little wind on your face and take on your travel companions in a go-karting arena, you can do so with the peace of mind that this is a covered activity.

Dog sledding

Next time you venture overseas why not book a spot of dog sledding –cover is provided for this with Over60 Travel Insurance.

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Never leave for holiday without travel insurance.

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