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3 great FREE translation apps to use when travelling

3 great FREE translation apps to use when travelling

Travelling in a foreign country can be a stressful experience – especially if you don’t speak the language. And we’re all about making travel as easy and relaxing as possible, so we’ve found some great translation apps for smartphones and tablets that are just perfect for all of you explorers.

Google Translate – free

  • Translates 90 languages – from Afrikaans to Zulu
  • Translate with your voce, camera, keyboard or handwriting
  • Use the “favourite” function for quick access even when you’re offline
  • Use a dictionary for single words or phrases
Speak & Translate – free (full version $12.99)

  • Just like the name says – speak and translate
  • 32 languages for voice-to-voice translation
  • 40 languages for text-to speech translation
  • 72 languages for text-to-text translation
  • Let the app do the translation and speak it for you, or read it off the screen for yourself
My language – free

  • Translates 59 languages
  • Search through any of your previous translations at any time – even when offline
  • Send your translations via email
  • Adjust the font size for ease of reading
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