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Mon, 11 Aug, 2014Alex O'Brien

13 joys of travelling solo

13 joys of travelling solo

If you travel solo or are thinking about it, you’re not alone. The number of solitary explorers is on the rise. Here’s a list of reasons why travelling solo is actually quite amazing. 

1. Making plans each day that include ONLY the things and places you want to do and go.

2. Eating all of the food you want to eat. Whenever you want to eat it.

3. The freedom to change your plans on a whim and no one will even know the difference.

4. Never having to wait for anyone, especially if you’re anxious about timekeeping.

5. Getting lost and finding your way all by yourself.

6. Reading for hours in a park or cafe.

7. Spending hours browsing market stalls and shops.

8. Not having anyone to answer to anyone if you decide you want to scrap your plans one day or do something you shouldn’t do on holidays like stay in bed all day or go to the movies.

9. Walking around museums at your own pace.

10. Not having to talk to anyone all day if you’re not in the mood.

11. Speaking to random people in random places.

12. Faffing and not feeling bad about it.

13. Sleeping as late as you like