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Floating art installation lets visitors walk on water

Floating art installation lets visitors walk on water

Most of the time the ability to walk on water is beyond us mere mortals, but for residents of a town in Northern Italy this dream has become a sudden reality.

Thousands have flocked for the opening of The Floating Piers, an eye-catching orange walkway spanning Lake Iseo and is the latest work by environmental sculptor Christo Vladimirov Javacheff. As you can see in the gallery, the results are incredible.

Constructed with stain-resistant fabric atop 200,000 floating cubes, The Floating Piers features a walkway that is nearly four kilometres long and allows visitors to walk from the mainland to two small previously inaccessible islands in the lake.

"It's a very physical project, you need to go there (to understand it)," Christo said of the project, which is open to the public from June 18 to July 3.

The Floating Piers cost approximate 15 million euros ($22.8 million) to create but will be free to the public and is expected to 500,000 visitors by the time it closes.

To see the audacious project, scroll through the gallery above. It’s quite a spectacular sight. Do you think you’d like to visit something like this?

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