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Adorable baby koala explores world for first time

Adorable baby koala explores world for first time

It’s a big world out there, especially if you’re a tiny little baby koala who’s still coming to grips with the rigours of life up in the eucalyptus trees.

And it’s fine if you have someone to show you the ropes!

In this adorable video from the folks Australia Zoo, we watch a little koala cling to his mother’s pouch as she goes about her daily koala business.

He’s such a small little guy, but he’s by no means weak. His paws are like Velcro and his grips his mother’s fur firmly as she climbs through her daily routine.

This is the best way for the little koala to learn about everything the koalas have to do – climbing, eating and perhaps most importantly, sleeping!

Don’t you think koalas are simply adorable? What’s your favourite Australian animal?

Let us know in the comments below.

Video credit: Facebook / Australia Zoo

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