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You can now live in Reese Witherspoon’s Big Little Lies house

You can now live in Reese Witherspoon’s Big Little Lies house

Liane Moriarty's book Big Little Lies focuses on the tenuous relationships of complicated women and their families who live in the small community of Monterey. It’s now an award-winning HBO series well into the second season.

With A-list stars such as Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep, fans are interested in the celebrities as well as the interesting and vast real estate in the hit show.

Reese Witherspoon’s character is an uppity character called Madeline Mackenzie, but her house is a dream.

The property that is used for filming the hit TV show is now available to rent, which is a seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom house located in Malibu’s Broad Beach in Southern California.

According to the vacation rental site, a short stay will set you back AUD$4,360 to AUD$7,270 per night.

If you’re after something more long term, the lease will set you back a jaw-dropping AUD$101,000 to AUD$145,000 per month.

With enough space to sleep 12, a chef’s kitchen, an open and breezy floor plan, as well as being right near the ocean, this is definitely a place to stay if you can afford the price tag.

However, the owners, who are both in their 80s, are well aware that the price tag puts the house out of casual enthusiasts of the show’s price range.

Scroll through the gallery to see what the house looks like.

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