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Basmah Qazi

The big change coming to airport security in Australia

The big change coming to airport security in Australia

If you’re a frequent traveller, then there’s good news that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier.

A new security technology that conducts a thorough scan of people’s luggage is currently being tested at Melbourne Airport.

If successful, passengers won’t find the need to reveal any liquids or gels alongside laptops and other electrical items before boarding the plane.

Developed by security company Smiths Detection, the camera takes a CT scan of passenger bags and creates a three-dimensional image of the contents inside. The current airport technology that is in place produces images in 2D.

You can also expect security lines to move ahead faster, making going in and out of the airport a lot easier.

The technology has been in place since October at Melbourne Airport’s T4 domestic terminal and is being trialled to hopefully allow for a better passenger experience in the future.

“Thanks to the pilot program we are able to better understand how in the future passengers can pass through security screening without having to divest their items, which simplifies the start of the traveller journey right from the outset,” said Simon Gandy, Melbourne Airport’s chief of aviation.

“As Australia’s busiest 24/7 airport we will continue to find ways to implement new technology and upgrades that will improve the traveller experience from the road to the runway.”

Speaking to, a spokeswoman for Smith’s Detection said that the initiative will continue to be tested at Melbourne Airport for as long as it was required.

Other major and regional Australian airports can expect the technology to be put into place in the next few years.

“We anticipate mainstream adoption in both domestic and international terminals over the next one or two years,” said the spokeswoman.

The new smart lane technology is considered to be 50 per cent more effective than conventional lanes.