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The 65-cent ALDI hack travellers swear by

The 65-cent ALDI hack travellers swear by

It’s no secret that travelling is an expensive hobby. With flights, accommodation and other expenditures to keep in mind when budgeting, the last thing you want is to spend extra money on other nicks and knacks.

That’s where ALDI comes in handy. The German retailer is a favourite for a reason – it provides quality items for a low cost. Perfect for those who are a little tight on money.

And sure, you can peruse their Special Buys sale (if you manage to be quick enough!) for travel gear and bargain-priced suitcases, but there’s one particular item that travellers think everyone should pack when they're heading off on an adventure.

The item is Hedanol Paracetomol. While it may not sound exciting, painkillers are a must if you’re leaving home, and at 65 cents for a pack of 20, you really cannot go wrong.

The fact that you can purchase the meds with your spare change means that you can buy a stash and keep it for emergencies in your carry-on. And trust us, when the time comes where you need to take a painkiller, you’ll be thankful you packed it.

Here are four other ALDI essentials to take with you when travelling:

1. Confidence 6-pack pocket tissues, $1.29

Tissues. You don’t think you need it, until you really do. Make sure you have a pack or two in your hand luggage, so you’re not caught in an awkward situation.

2. Ombra sunscreen lotion 100ml, $2.49

Travelling to Bali or Honolulu? Don’t forget your sunscreen. There’s nothing worse than finishing off a week-long holiday with a terrible sunburn.

3. Colgate Total toothpaste 80g, $2.09

Not only is it a brand name, but because of its small size you can keep it with you on your carry-on when travelling internationally.

4. Goliath sandwich bags 50-pack, $1.39

Chances are, you won’t get the chance to make your own sandwich when you’re on a flight, but that’s not what these are for. Sandwich bags are a great way to keep your liquids and other items separated for easy access.

Scroll through the gallery above to see a few items you need to take when travelling.

Do you have any travel hacks you swear by? Let us know in the comments below.