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Exploring Fiji: How a small ship cruise can give you a big experience

Exploring Fiji: How a small ship cruise can give you a big experience

Fiji is unquestionably one of the world’s most magical places. With its pristine azure waters abounding with sea life and colourful coral, stunning islands showcasing breathtaking natural beauty, and the warmth, custom and folklore of the Fijian people, the most challenging part of planning a trip to Fiji is deciding which of its beautiful islands to visit.

But why limit yourself? Embark on a small ship cruise with a tour company like Captain Cook Cruises around Fiji’s unsurpassed waterways and islands, and you can gain access to the real Fiji, exploring regions that larger cruise ships can’t reach.

Fun both onboard and off

When cruising the Fijian seas on a small ship, it’s definitely as much about the journey as it is the destination. Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple or with a small or large group of family and friends, you’ll enjoy all the facilities and comfort of a larger cruise ship, such as air-conditioned dining and lounge rooms, cocktail bar, swimming pool, jacuzzi, massage services, gym and a deck for relaxing in the sun, while you feast on fully catered buffets and 3-course meals.

Photo: Captain Cook Cruises Fiji. 

It’s the perfect base from which to relax in style as your cruise of choice sails its way through such beautiful destinations as the volcanic Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, the remote Northern Islands or the Lau Islands and Kadavu, parts of Fiji rarely visited by tourists.

Whether you opt to go for three days, 11 days, or somewhere in between, you’ll visit a new island or coral reef every morning and afternoon and experience the perfect blend of cultural, land and water activities.

Wander through remote Fijian villages, schools and churches, where you can take part in a traditional Fijian sevusevu ceremony, Meke and Lovo feast. Explore limestone caves, captivating waterfalls or hike to the top of mountains to experience heart-stopping views. While on Fiji’s white sandy beaches, swim, kayak and paddle board in turquoise waters, take a tour on a glass-bottomed boat and snorkel or dive in sparkling lagoons full of colourful sea life.

Photo: Captain Cook Cruises Fiji. 

Safeguarding the future

Protecting the precious marine environment is something Fijians are passionate about. Amos Abhishek Daniel, one of the newly recruited Marine Biologists at Captain Cook Cruises Fiji, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science degree from the University of the South Pacific. His passion and insights have brought inventive methods to their marine rehabilitation projects. Through Captain Cook’s Ocean Ambassador Programme, Amos hopes to nurture his career and passion for the marine environment further.

Another important way Captain Cook Cruises Fiji is continuing its environmentally friendly policies is by eliminating as many single use plastic items onboard small ship MV Reef Endeavour and on Tivua Island.

“Plastic pollution is a real threat to our oceans and after the success of our Ocean Ambassador Program, we wanted to lead the way environmentally onboard, just like we were doing onshore, and remove all plastic straws and cups from the Reef Endeavour,” says Captain Cook Cruises Fiji’s Managing Director, Jackie Charlton.

Photo: Captain Cook Cruises Fiji. 

Tailor-made travel

There’s never been a better time to enjoy the treasures that Fiji has to offer – if you book a 7-night cruise with Captain Cook Cruises, you’ll get three nights free, with all meals and most activities included. Travel in style onboard the 130-passenger, five-level MV Reef Endeavor, with accommodation ranging from Tabua Suites, Family Ocean Staterooms – some of which have an interconnecting door – Ocean Staterooms and Porthole Cabins.

There are four amazing itineraries to choose from. On the Yasawa Island and Mamanuca cruise, you’ll visit Monuriki Island, made famous by the Tom Hanks movie Castaway, and enjoy a complimentary tour to the Sabeto Mud Baths or Orchid Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

On the 4 Cultures Discovery cruise, you’ll visit a Hindu snake temple and meet people of four different cultures – Micronesian, Polynesian, Indian and Melanesian – as you circumnavigate Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu.

On the Colonial Fiji Discovery cruise to the remote Northern Islands, you’ll visit school children at the UNESCO world-heritage listed Levuka, a time capsule of colonial rule, explore Bouma Waterfall National Park and stand on the 180th meridian – the arbitrary dateline between today and tomorrow.

On the 11-night Lau Islands and Kadavu Discovery cruise, you’ll see a rugged, untouched Fiji unlike any other. See nesting turtles and an old lighthouse ruin at the northern-most island of Wailagilala, marvel at the mushroom-shaped islands, caves and untouched reefs of Qilaqila, and swim in the crystal-clear lagoons of extinct volcano craters, to name but a few of the many adventures on offer.


Photo: Captain Cook Cruises Fiji. 

You also have the flexibility to adapt the discovery cruises to suit you, so whatever your interest or passion, you can ensure you truly experience the cruise of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Fiji on a small ship cruise with Captain Cook Cruises and you’re guaranteed to have memories to last a lifetime.

For more more information on Captain Cook Cruises Fiji’s choice of amazing itineraries, visit:  www.captaincookcruisesfiji.com/annualsale.

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