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Countries with the best reputations revealed

Countries with the best reputations revealed

Japan has maintained its position as the world’s most reputable country while Australia’s popularity took a plummet.

The FutureBrand Country Index, published for the first time since 2014, charts 75 countries based on a range of measures, including quality of life, business potential, local values, and heritage and culture. The countries’ global perceptions were gauged through a worldwide survey of 2,500 people.

Japan retained the top spot, with the index report praising its “rich culture which encompasses a favourable quality of life, natural beauty and heritage” as the reasons behind its continued first place ranking.

Norway climbed up four positions to number two, dropping Switzerland to the third spot. Sweden and Finland followed to round up the top five countries.

On the other hand, Australia slipped seven places to the 15th due to a decline in perceptions of quality of life. The report noted that this drop may be attributed to the high cost of living and falling disposable income in the past five years. The UK also fell seven places to number 12 for the same reason, with more children falling in absolute poverty.

New Zealand held on to the 11th rank, thanks to its focus on the citizens’ well being along with productivity and economic growth.

Meanwhile, Iraq emerged at the bottom of the list as the country with the worst reputation with one of the lowest quality-of-life scores.

The report also listed the 20 most influential cities of the year. New York topped the list as the city that was predicted to become the world’s most influential in the next three years. London and Beijing followed at number two and three, and Washington and Paris completed the top five.

The 20 countries with the best reputations

  1. Japan
  2. Norway
  3. Switzerland
  4. Sweden
  5. Finland
  6. Germany
  7. Denmark
  8. Canada
  9. Austria
  10. Luxembourg
  11. New Zealand
  12. United States
  13. Netherlands
  14. Italy
  15. Australia
  16. UAE
  17. France
  18. Singapore
  19. United Kingdom
  20. South Korea

Find the full list here.