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Wed, 3 Oct, 2018Basmah Qazi

BREAKING: United Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Sydney Airport

BREAKING: United Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Sydney Airport

A United Airlines flight travelling from Los Angeles has been forced to make an emergency landing at Sydney Airport after a mayday announcement from the pilot.

A full emergency response is underway as the pilot noticed something wasn’t right during the flight, said New South Wales Police in a statement.

Police came to know about the incident a little after 6am on Thursday.

On board United Airlines flight 839 were 239 passengers, and due to dangerous conditions, the pilot was forced to make a mayday call as they approached Sydney Airport.

After listening to the audio, it has been said that response services declared the problem as a level three emergency.

“Just to advise we have a full emergency level three for United 787 the call sign is UA839,” said a man on the audio tape.

“It has low fuel issues and has issued a mayday.”

According to an Airservices Australia spokeswoman, the emergency landing was due to the 787-900 Dreamliner’s fuel as it was lower than the recommended level.

Previous reports mentioned an incident where dry ice was leaking into the cabin, but the spokeswoman denied those claims.

“Dry ice was not the reason,” she said.

While the fuel tank was not empty, the warning served as a precaution, the spokeswoman said.

Many major roads near the airport had been closed as a traffic control plan was activated at 6:36am.

The plane arrived safely at Sydney Airport and all roads have now been reopened.

After firefighters and emergency services investigated the aircraft, it has been declared safe and no injuries have been reported.

Passengers were unaware of the chaos until they had passed through customs.