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Tue, 15 May, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Australia’s 12 most annoying inflight habits

Whether it’s the person behind you who hasn’t stopped kicking the back of your chair since take-off, the person to your left who’s been hogging the armrest or the person to your right who smells as though they haven’t applied deodorant since the Great Depression, there’s not shortage of sources of annoyance on a long-haul flight. And as recent research from proves, some are much easier to deal with than others.

The comparison site surveyed over 2,000 regular travellers and found the main source of frustration for Aussies in the air is kick-happy passengers, with 55 per cent of people surveyed saying they’ve had their trip spoiled at some point.

Bad body odour closely followed, with 54 per cent of the people asked saying they’ve had their trip soured by a smelly passenger. This was followed up crying babies, with 38 per cent of people saying they found misbehaving kids annoying. 

Angus Kidman, Travel Expert and editor-in-chief at, says this is reflective of the main concerns of Australian travellers.

“These issues aren't easily ignored. If you constantly have someone kicking the back of your seat, it can become incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re trying to sleep,” he said.

“It’s almost surprising to see noisy kids at number three. You’d think it might come in a little higher with all the talk of kid-free zones on planes.”

“Flying is rarely the favourite part of anyone's holiday, but being respectful and treating others well makes it better for everyone."

To see the full list of annoying mid-air habits, scroll through the gallery above.

What are your thoughts? What’s the most annoying thing to happen to you while travelling?