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Thu, 8 Mar, 2018Danielle McCarthy

10 popular places that are telling tourists to stay home

When it comes to the tourist industry destinations don’t stay secret too long, especially these days where the most remote corners of the world are accessible by the click of a button. On one hand this can be a good thing, as tourism can provide regions with a much-needed economic boost. But tourism also has a lot of unsavoury side effects.

From misbehaving backpackers to negligent groups posing for selfies around sacred sites, tourism has a very real environmental and social impact, and it’s the locals who bear the brunt of it. The impact of mass tourism has become so significant, that many destinations are now actively encouraging tourists to avoid their destinations.

So, you don’t get a nasty reception when you arrive in town, we’ve provided a list containing 10 popular places that are telling tourists to stay home. If you’re putting an itinerary together for this year, you might want to avoid these destinations – or at the very least, by a respectful traveller.

Have you been to any of the places listed? Did you feel like you received a good reception from the locals? Have you ever had an incident with locals when abroad?