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"All boarded up": Natalie Barr describes scenes in Washington

 "All boarded up": Natalie Barr describes scenes in Washington

The US election is days away and Sunrise journalist Natalie Barr is on the ground in Washington D.C, describing the mood as "eerie and scary".

Many businesses in the area are concerned about the possibility of violence and unrest after the announcement of the new U.S President and have boarded up their windows with plywood as a result.

“I just didn’t expect it to be this bad,” Barr said

“Shops, restaurants, cafes and government buildings right through the centre of D.C are all are being boarded up.”

“It feels like they’re boarding up for a hurricane.”

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Barr was in the US in 2016 to report on the election between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and said the mood difference was "just scary".

“It doesn’t feel like an election, like the sort of celebration mood that we saw four years ago,” she explained.

“Last time they were baking biscuits, there were chocolates with little Trump and Hillary faces, they were doing BBQs with the ‘Trump Burger’ and ‘Hillary Burger, it was kind of like a carnival”

“But this is just scary.”

“The concern is that no matter who wins, there will be unrest”

“It feels like a bit of a battleground.”

“It’s pretty awful.”