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Wed, 21 Nov, 2018Basmah Qazi

Wild weather: Thick dust storm could make breathing difficult

Wild weather: Thick dust storm could make breathing difficult

The notorious Sydney dust storm of 2009 may make a reappearance this afternoon as Australia’s southeast prepares itself for the upcoming “red dawn”.

The wild weather will remain for up to 48 hours as an icy breeze from Antarctica travels north from the Southern Ocean.

Those who suffer from asthma or other breathing difficulties are advised to remain indoors and brace themselves for the dust storm that is predicted to hit Sydney and Canberra this afternoon.

Areas of NSW that are suffering from the drought have had a burst of rain, with residents taking to social media to share photos of the flash flooding.

“The combination of the deep low and the pool of cold air will generate a mix of volatile weather in parts of South Australia, Tasmania, NSW, Victoria and the ACT,” said Weatherzone.

It’s predicted that dust storms will cover eastern NSW and the ACT, with Sydney and Canberra on the front line, as strong westerly winds bring about dry top soil from the Murray Darling Basin.

According to Jane Golding, the weather services manager from the Bureau of Meteorology, the chances of a dust storm are “pretty high”.

She said that current conditions are very similar to the infamous “red dawn” of 2009, which saw a red haze cover the city causing chaos throughout the capital city.

“The wind strength would only need to be a little bit less for that not to happen. But it’s certainly something we’re watching,” Ms Golding said to the ABC.

BOM forecaster Anita Payne spoke to Nine News saying: “If it does happen it could have a big impact. Dust storms can effect transport and even stop planes from landing.