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Flash flood warning: The Aussie state set to get hit with one month’s rain in just 24 hours

Flash flood warning: The Aussie state set to get hit with one month’s rain in just 24 hours

Although summer has nearly arrived, much of eastern NSW will encounter wet and windy weather on Wednesday, with the potential for flash flooding.

On Wednesday, Sydney and Illawarra are expected to receive 100 millimetres of rain, with some localised areas forecast to receive more than 20mm.

Bureau forecaster Olenka Duma said: “At this stage it looks like [the biggest totals will be] mostly through the Illawarra and potentially southern parts of Sydney.”

"Certainly there will be heavy falls and local flash flooding, no doubt within that vicinity".

The rain will be caused by a transient low-pressure system that will move across NSW on Tuesday and off shore on Wednesday.

It is expected to shift north and then move away by Thursday.

As well as receiving a month’s worth of rain in a day, NSW will also face lashing winds and dangerous surf conditions.

Ms Duma told the Sydney Morning Herald that precipitation totals will increase as the system drags warm tropical air from Queensland into NSW ahead of the rain.

Those in Queensland can expect record-breaking November heat.

In NSW, winds could reach potentially damaging levels on Wednesday evening as the rain recedes.

The system is also expected to cause coastal damage along some parts of NSW.

The showers and wind will make NSW see cooler than average days on Wednesday and Thursday, however, temperatures will pick up again by the weekend.

Temperatures in Sydney for November have been roughly 1.5 degrees above the average for both day and night.

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