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Why more Australians are choosing to travel domestically

Why more Australians are choosing to travel domestically

Turns out that Aussies are loving travelling domestically, with new research from Roy Morgan showing a 7 per cent increase from a year ago.

This brings the number of domestic air travellers to over 8.46 million.

This means that competition between Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar is closer than ever.

However, Qantas is still leading the way with over 4.3 million domestic customers, Jetstar is a close second with 4 million and Virgin Australia has 3.8 million.

Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan is thrilled with the strong growth.

“Australia’s domestic travel industry has enjoyed a bumper year with patronage of our domestic airlines growing strongly by 7.1% to 8.46 million, an increase of 560,000 on a year ago,” she said.

“All leading airlines have increased their domestic passenger numbers from a year ago and monthly customer satisfaction award winner Qantas (covered here) retains the lead with over 4.3 million domestic customers ahead of discount subsidiary Jetstar on 4 million and Virgin Australia on 3.8 million.”

The data collected showed that Generation X was the percentage of people who travelled the most last year.

“Roy Morgan’s domestic airline traveler data shows that Gen X comprise 27% of the 8.46 million domestic airline travelers and 47% of Gen X  have travelled on a domestic airline in the last year – the highest rate of any generation,” Levine explained.

“However, although Gen X comprises the largest share of customers for most airlines Tigerair provides an exception with Millennials making up well over a third of the discount airline’s customers.

“Analysing the extensive data Roy Morgan collects each year from over 50,000 Australians as part of the Single Source survey allows businesses to gain unique and powerful insights into the future travel preferences of Australians and what drives their decision-making when deciding which airline to travel with.”