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Why every Australian should visit Uluru’s big sister – Kata Tjuta

Why every Australian should visit Uluru’s big sister – Kata Tjuta

Plenty of people travel to the middle of Australia’s red-hot centre to see the glorious rock formation known as Uluru.

However, many people think that’s all there is to see. After all, it’s one of Australia’s most well-known rock formations.

Kata Tjuta is one of the hidden gems in the middle of the nation. It towers over Uluru, which stands at a small 348 metres high compared to the height of Kata Tjuta at 546 metres.

Kata Tjuta is also bigger than Uluru, as walking around the base of Kata Tjuta is 23 kilometres compared to the 10 kilometres around Uluru.

There’s also a sense of wonder and curiosity that surrounds Kata Tjuta. Inspiring Journeys guide Myles Devonshire explained to Escape:

“I’ll talk about the geology, but I can’t tell any of its stories. I like it that way. Respecting the mystery of Kata Tjuta adds to the magic.”

There are two walks available around Kata Tjuta. One is called the Valley of the Winds, which takes between three to four hours to complete. The easier and shorter Walpa Gorge walk can be completed in less than an hour.

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For some, the beauty of Kata Tjuta has to be seen to be believed. As there are no photos allowed along most of the journey out of respect for the sacred site you’re walking upon, only photos like the one above can be shared.

Kata Tjuta has dual World Heritage status and has been recognised for not only the natural beauty it possesses, but the cultural values it continues to uphold.

Have you been to Kata Tjuta? What was it like? Let us know in the comments.