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When does daylight saving end?

When does daylight saving end?

Good news! Most Australians will have their weekend extended by an hour as daylight saving time is coming to an end.

At 3 am on Sunday, April 7, people in Victoria, NSW, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania will need to set their clocks back by an hour.

Most smartphones, computers and digital gadgets synced with time zones will adjust the time automatically, but analog clocks and devices will need to be turned back manually.

Residents of Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia will be unaffected, as these states kept the standard time over the summer.

The southern states will keep the times uniform with the rest of Australia until Sunday, October 6 at 2am, when the daylight savings return.

While the hours might change, Associate Professor Amy Jordan from the Melbourne University School of Psychological Sciences recommended sticking to your regular sleeping schedule to avoid changes to your body clock.

“You think it’s great, you get an extra hour of sleep but it doesn't actually work out quite like that,” she told The Age.

“Some people, especially if they’re not sleep deprived, won't actually sleep that extra hour but the next night they go to bed an hour later than usual. So when clocks change for daylight saving, in both directions, people do become sleep deprived.”